Posted by: Leon | June 25, 2009

Best RV Campgrounds in Idaho

Camping is truly a fun filled experience and most fun loving people love camping, especially, if you have access to an RV. Camping can greatly reduce your stress levels and rejuvenate you with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. In today’s times, with mechanical lifestyles, camping can truly be a wonderful experience. So pick up your RV and drive away to some of the best RV campgrounds in Idaho.

If you are looking for Camping spots in Idaho, then the following are a few places, where you can make a visit:

1. Water’s Edge RV Resort
It is a place, where you can relax in perfect view of the majestic Idaho Mountains. You can also go for fishing, bird watching, hiking, as well as canoeing. You also have access to the Cascade Golf Course around the Lake Cascade.

2. Glacier View Campground
Located near the Redfish Lake, this is one of the best camping sites for families. The lush, spacious, area with scenic views of the Sawtooth Mountains, are truly magnificent. It due to this reason, that, Redfish Lake is one of the most favorite destinations for families. You can enjoy a warm meal at the rustic old Redfish lodge serves meals.

3. Twin Rivers Canyon Resort
The Twin Rivers Canyon Resort is located around six miles to the east of Bonners Ferry. Situated in the pristine valley around the conjunction of Moyie and the Kootenai Rivers, this can prove to be a truly worthwhile experience. One of the most popular activities in this place is an inner tube float down the short stretch of Moyie, during lazy afternoons. You also have the option of taking a full day float trip on Kootenai River. You have large shade trees, along with nice restroom as well as laundry facilities. This place also features children’s playground, along with a fishing pond.

4. Wagonhammer RV Park
Wagonhammer RV Park is one of the most delightful finds of this spectacular mountain background, along the banks of the Salmon River, located south of North Fork. This beautiful place offers you opportunities for fishing, white water rafting, wildlife viewing and hiking. You can also simply enjoying the scenery. Not just that, you are also available with two internet connections, providing high speed internet access for your laptop.

As it is, Idaho offers a number of camping sites, where you can relax and enjoy a beautiful evening with your family, under the perfect backdrop of scenic beauty.


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