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Los Angeles RV Parks

Los Angeles, a famous tourist destination across the world, is the largest city in California and the second largest in U.S. It is a leading center of international trade, fashion, science, technology, culture and is also known as the “home base of Hollywood”. Apart from all these things, Los Angeles is a home to various RV parks and campgrounds as well. So, if you want to explore this beautiful city, the best idea would be hop onto your RV and set off for a trip.

Los Angeles has loads of RV parks and campgrounds. One of the most popular parks is the Camp Mariastella, which is equipped with so many amenities and facilities that visitors love to spend their entire vacation over here! I am sure that all of you must have heard a lot about the Anaheim resort RV Park in Los Angeles. This park has 150 RV sites, heated pool and Jacuzzi, wireless internet, picnic tables, laundry facilities, guided tours and even more! Wow, that’s so cool!

The Californian RV resort is very close to many South Californian attractions and is equipped with 128 RV sites, pool & spa, clubhouse with kitchen, satellite TV, internet access and laundry facilities. What more can you expect? Golden Shore RV resort is another popular Californian resort which has 80 RV sites, pool & spa, picnic table, waterfront, picnic areas, horseshoes and shuffleboard, and laundry facilities as well. Don’t you think that Los Angeles has some of the coolest RV parks in United States?

Another RV park that deserves a mention is the Malibu beach RV Park. This park is a treat for all the nature and sports lovers. You will get to see a lot of natural beauty over here! Another RV park for nature lovers is the Camp Williams, which has 49 RV sites, picnic areas, plenty of wildlife to see, courtesy patrol, dinner store, and a quiet atmosphere! You can also enjoy activities like gold panning, fly fishing and bird watching out here.

East Shore RV park is another park famous for its’ natural beauty! This park has 519 RV sites, bathroom with showers, cable TV, pool, WiFi service, large playground and nature trails. This park has a lake situated near to it, where you can enjoy activities like fishing, lake swimming, water skiing, sail boating or jet skiing. Fair West Resort is another cool RV park for nature lovers, having 74 RV sites, hot showers, campfires/picnic tables and laundry facilities. You can enjoy activities like hiking, whale watching, golfing and fishing in this cool RV Park.

Well, above is a list of some of the coolest RV parks in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a beautiful place and you will get to see a lot over here! I hope that your RV vacation in this place turns out to be an enjoyable affair! Have fun on the trip!

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Best RV Campgrounds in Idaho

Camping is truly a fun filled experience and most fun loving people love camping, especially, if you have access to an RV. Camping can greatly reduce your stress levels and rejuvenate you with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. In today’s times, with mechanical lifestyles, camping can truly be a wonderful experience. So pick up your RV and drive away to some of the best RV campgrounds in Idaho.

If you are looking for Camping spots in Idaho, then the following are a few places, where you can make a visit:

1. Water’s Edge RV Resort
It is a place, where you can relax in perfect view of the majestic Idaho Mountains. You can also go for fishing, bird watching, hiking, as well as canoeing. You also have access to the Cascade Golf Course around the Lake Cascade.

2. Glacier View Campground
Located near the Redfish Lake, this is one of the best camping sites for families. The lush, spacious, area with scenic views of the Sawtooth Mountains, are truly magnificent. It due to this reason, that, Redfish Lake is one of the most favorite destinations for families. You can enjoy a warm meal at the rustic old Redfish lodge serves meals.

3. Twin Rivers Canyon Resort
The Twin Rivers Canyon Resort is located around six miles to the east of Bonners Ferry. Situated in the pristine valley around the conjunction of Moyie and the Kootenai Rivers, this can prove to be a truly worthwhile experience. One of the most popular activities in this place is an inner tube float down the short stretch of Moyie, during lazy afternoons. You also have the option of taking a full day float trip on Kootenai River. You have large shade trees, along with nice restroom as well as laundry facilities. This place also features children’s playground, along with a fishing pond.

4. Wagonhammer RV Park
Wagonhammer RV Park is one of the most delightful finds of this spectacular mountain background, along the banks of the Salmon River, located south of North Fork. This beautiful place offers you opportunities for fishing, white water rafting, wildlife viewing and hiking. You can also simply enjoying the scenery. Not just that, you are also available with two internet connections, providing high speed internet access for your laptop.

As it is, Idaho offers a number of camping sites, where you can relax and enjoy a beautiful evening with your family, under the perfect backdrop of scenic beauty.

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3 Steps When Bringing Your Kayak on a Camping Trip

We live on the coast and when we go camping, it usually means that we take the kayak and paddle to some remote island or remote area to set up camp. And that involves having everything prepared with the kayak.

Our kayak part of the trip usually entails going 3 or more miles…it’s really not that bad. But when going that distance and at times facing some dangerous currents, you have to be prepared.

Step 1: Make absolute sure you have life jackets.
I like to think that I’m just a pretty manly guy. And manly guys like me don’t need to wear a life jacket when they go out on the water. Too bad that is so wrong. Let’s just be clear as well… I mean actually wearing the life jacket as opposed to just having one onboard. The reason being… when crossing large bodies of water (especially in the ocean) you will see some huge wakes. I remember we also capsized big time. That would have been disaster.

Step 2: Make sure you have whistles
This is usually the law, but it is always a really good idea to have whistles tied to the zipper part of your life jacket. Why? Because if you fall off the kayak and start to move because of a strong current you can get noticed quickly. Not to mention this really helps if you ever get in trouble and need the grab the attention of other people… boats… or whatever.

Step 3: Make sure you carry two drybags.
You are probably going to laugh when I bring this one out, but I personally think this is vital. Especially if you are as anal as me when it comes to your electronics. To start, who doesn’t like to bring a camera or a video camera on a camping trip? That’s what I figured… nobody. And if you are kayaking, and there’s a chance that you can capsize… then you need a dry bag. First to keep things like towels and clothes and some other items dry. But let’s face it. Water will probably get in the bag. Maybe not a lot but enough where it could potentially hurt your electronics. And that is why you want a second dry bag. Not to mention… just a little bit of water makes the bag prone to massive amounts of moisture. Moisture kills electronics.

So remember these three must have steps when you are going to be taking your kayak on your next camping trip. They will save you time, possibly save your life, and definitely save your electronics.

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California RV Campgrounds

Thousands of people come to California each year to enjoy their vacations. California is a very beautiful and mesmerizing place which provides many RV campgrounds to the tourists.

There are various RV parking places in California; some of them are Outdoor World RV Park, Oregon RV Park, Golden Country RV, Central California RV and California Coast. Here is a short description of some of the best RV parking of California.

1. Novato RV park
It is situated at the center of the San Francisco Bay Area. This place is very near to “The Golden Gate Bridge, Wine Country and downtown San Francisco. This amazing park is at the foot of Oak Studded hills and the hiking trail near this place is well maintained and easily accessible. The staff of this park is really hospitable and provides the best services to the guests.

2. Cherry Valley Lakes
This mesmerizing place consists of deluxe great parking which are located near Palm Springs and 40 miles East of Los Angeles. You can easily access the Cherry Valley Ranch which is the gateway to Palm Springs. Here you will also find West of Cabazon’s Morongo Casino and 2 main outlet shopping centers. The clubhouse of this place hosts many activities, movies, pancake breakfasts, steak dinners and exciting games.

3.Yosemite RV Area
This area is located near the Yosemite National Park. You can reach it by driving 30 miles from Western Park entrance. At this place the guest are also offered many amenities which they get without having to leave this area. While staying here you can enjoy the pool area, Gold mine tour and the games area. From this place you can easily access Mercer Caverns, Sonora, Pine Mountain Lake and Lake Don Pedro which are all very beautiful.

4. Vineyard RV Park
The attractive Vineyard RV Park is situated in Vacaville, California. From this place you can easily access the Napa Valley Wine Country, San Francisco, the Jelly Belly Factory and the Vacaville Outlets. The activities that you can enjoy at this place are swimming, horseshoes and badminton. Internet facility is also available here.

5. Arena RV
This convenient place is situated on Highway 99 between Madera and Merced which is near the Junction of Highway152. This place has clean bathrooms, laundry service, a restaurant and cable TV facility.

These are some very well known and highly maintained RV Campgrounds of California.

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Florida RV Parks

Florida, the beauty sunshine state, also known as nature’s playground, is really an enthralling place. Here you can enjoy surfing, swimming in the deep blue water and roam around in the soft breeze. The all around temperature of Florida is extremely suitable for camping and many outdoor activities. Some of Florida’s Famous RV Parks are Pine glen, Geronimo RV Resort, Emerald Beach Park and Eagle’s Landing.

So, now let us discuss about a few of these many RV campgrounds of Florida.

1. Florida RV Campground
This park is located at central Florida where you can enjoy sparkling waters and stunning beaches. Bay Lake RV Resort which is next to park is 30 minutes from the chief theme parks of Florida and Orlando airport.

2. Pine Lake
This is 30 acre Campground located near the Panama City beach and other beautiful resort. Here you can easily get spacious and well maintained RV sites and rentals. It is on the US Highway 231 and you can visit many beautiful locations from this place.

3. Heritage Oaks RV Campground
This place is really very affordable and it is located near many attractive places of east and west Florida. This park which is situated on Gulf Beach Highway between Navy Blvd and Fairfield Road is always safe, well marinated and lit.

4. Lake City
This is a family run campground with 40 RV sites. This place is open all the year around and you can really feel a peaceful environment among mockingbirds, whippoorwills and owls. Here you can enjoy the calm beauty pine forest, wildflowers, fishing ponds and graceful streams.

5. Crystal Lake RV Resort
At this place you can really enjoy the mesmerizing view of Crystal Lake as well as the lush green tropical areas and cool climate. The RV resort has the facility of two swimming pools and three spas. There are also many shops near this resort.

6. Tallahassee RV Park
This amazing park is situated in the stunning hill of Tallahassee. This park is covered with a large variety of unusual plants and shrubs and has well paved and lighted roads. The hospitality of this Park is excellent with many facilities for the guests.

7. Stagecoach
Stagecoach is a family run Park, with many attractions just located near this place. There are 20 RV sites with phone and Wi-Fi facilities.

These are some of the many RV parks of Florida.

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